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The Tvan ® Camper Trailer

Since its launch in 2000, the Tvan Camper Trailer quickly became well known for its distinct design and industry leading off-road capabilities. Throughout the years the Tvan has been widely acclaimed by journalists, owners and explorers. The Tvan® has earned these accolades through continual design improvements and option development; evolving to meet customer expectations.

These achievements include, Camper Trailer of Millennium and Off-Road Camper of the Year in its category 2009, 2011 and 2015. The MK5 is the latest incarnation of the Tvan. Like all Track Trailer® products the MK5 Tvan Camper Trailer has been subjected to rigorous prototyping, which has tested new body panels, electrics and kitchen variants. Thousands of kilometers were travelled to ensure that the MK5 was worthy of the Tvan name. But the improvements don’t stop there! While maintaining the famous Tvan look, the MK5 has a raft of new features, making this Tvan the best one yet!   Continue reading below to see why Nothing Compares.

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Faster access for side of the road stops
Family friendly tent extension and loads of room for everyone’s gear
Improved living spaces featuring more head room
Lighter than most, makes light work of difficult tracks
All new Quick Cover Awning, 2 min to set up
Highly customisable via models and options
Upgraded LED lighting, inside and outside
New rear deck with integrated supports and Maxtrax carriers
Mc2 suspension – Go anywhere without limits
Developed using customer feedback and more than 20 years experience
Revolutionary tent with quick & easy magnetic catches
Super fast access to kitchen and fridges

Why buy a Tvan?

Designed for Australian conditions

Track Trailer has a genuine military history and a reputation designing and testing products to suit the Australian outback.

Leading Warranty

3 years on body and build, 5 years on chassis and suspension. Warranted for off-road use.

Australian Owned and Made

Built by Australians for Australians. All profits stay here and enrich our community.


Camper Trailer of Millennium and Off-Road Camper of the Year in its category 2009, 2011 and 2015.

What do the critics think?

The Mk5 has been in development for more than two years or, if my sums are correct, immediately since the launch of the Mk4. And, no question, it looks every inch a Tvan, with the same offroad swagger and bulletproof appeal. The lift-up deck (as opposed to the earlier version which had to be dropped down before accessing the cabin) makes complete and utter sense. So much so that one has to wonder why it wasn’t done earlier. Oh well – good things come to those who wait, and all that. – Max Taylor GORV




The Tvan camper trailer advantage!

Why the Tvan is better than all hard floor / flip over campers

Sleep under a hard roof with no flapping canvas.

Protected from insects and the elements by strong walls that provide great insulation from noise, hot sun, cold nights and wind. When the tent is deployed (doubling your living space) it’s attached to a fold out hard floor, so you’ll be up off the ground, dry and secure. Most importantly, when it’s time to move on, your bed will remain made up and dry, even after a wet pack-up.

Interior refinements:

  • Genuine queen size mattress
  • Fabric lined roof for insulation and comfort
  • Large storage area in the cabin and under the bed
  • Large tinted windows with option to upgrade to sliding glass
  • Easy to use magnetised tent fixings for a quicker and easier set up and pack up
  • Magnetised window curtains
  • Double glazed roof hatches with screens and blinds
  • 15′ 7″ of usable cabin and tent living area
  • Easy one person tent set up and pack up
  • 28.5 (gal) water tank and optional additional 18.5 (gal)
  • Completely customisable to your specification
  • LED light in tent
  • LED reading lights – individually switched with a master override
  • Internal tool box and security lock box
  • Storage locker lighting

* Content refers to both features and options available on Tvan. Please refer to specification and options list for accurate inclusions.

The Strong Box

The MK5 Tvan features a new roof which is approximately 100mm taller inside and is significantly higher throughout the bed / living space.

New High Roof

The new roof gives more head room over the bed and throughout the cabin creating a light and airy ambience while maintain Tvan’s unique unitary construction, “a strong box” without resorting to a “pop top” which could compromise structural integrity, add extra weight and cause dust issues. The new roof also accommodates a 120w solar upgrade, doubling the previous solar input and making it easier to stay off the beaten track for longer.

Speed is the new benchmark!

Skyward™ Lift Up Deck

One major advantage of the Tvan has always been its superior access to your equipment and living space by opening the rear of the van. Building on this, perhaps the most innovative part of the MK5 Tvan will revolutionise the way you access the rear of the Tvan. This is the Skyward™ Lift-Up Deck. As its name implies, this is the ability to lift up the deck of the Tvan with the hatch to provide unparalleled access to the rear of the Tvan. Simply press the button to release the electric locks and lift the hatch and deck to provide full access to the rear of the van, without having to lower the deck to the ground or stand on it while loading. To close simply shut like your car boot, with a satisfying thud.

Quick Cover™ Awning

The MK5 Tvan now features the Quick Cover™ awning. This awning can be deployed in 2 minutes, packed up in the same time and provides substantial coverage over the kitchen, front box and side of the Tvan. With arms which pivot both to the front and rear of the van, the Quick Cover™ awning can be used with any level of van setup, including deck closed or tent deployed. When the tent is deployed, there is an additional awning piece which can be used to provide complete coverage over the entry door of the tent. This awning does not require the use of upright poles in calm weather meaning that a Quick Cover™ for a roadside stop is a synch. Hooks built into each end of the awning attach on the drawbar and rear of the van.

The 30 second setup!

One of the best features of the Tvan Camper Trailer is its 30 second setup. Because the tent is stowed away in the rear hatch of the van and not on the bed, the you can choose whether or not to setup the full tent. Accessing the bed is as simple as unlocking four over centre catches, folding down the deck and releasing the gas strut assisted hatch. You might then choose to shut the hatch after yourself and go straight to bed (pad locks can be fitted to prevent the catches from locking) or to install one of the two optional rear door covers.

The Tvan Camper Trailer is amongst the quickest of the all camper trailers in the market to setup and pack up. We don’t make this claim lightly, but when the correct procedures are followed, our owners can and will be able to easily level the van, lower the tent, attach the floor and mouth to the body of the van and install the internal upright poles. Just reverse the procedure to store the tent and pack up.

The major benefits of the Tvan tent are:

  • No canvas ever packs on to the bed – meaning no dirt or water or dust on the mattress and the bed can always remain made.
  • You can choose if you want to set up the full tent or just do the 30 second setup with the rear canvas screen.
  • Packing the van is a breeze because you don’t have to partially or fully setup the camper trailer to access gear in or around the cabin area.

Tvan Setup

Tvan Pack up

Flexibility is King

The Full Annex – For long stays

This annex takes approximately 15 minutes to set up and covers the full length of the Tvan.

The Sail Awning

The Yulara and Tanami come standard with the quick erect and highly versatile sail awning. The sail awning attaches to side of the van and can be set up to protect against the elements or provide shade for quick stops.

Ensuite - shower and toilet tent

Tropical roof

Family room

The Premium Kitchen:

Standard on the Tvan Inspire, Zenith and Murranji. Occupying a 30% larger locker than the Classic Kitchen, the Premium Kitchen for the Tvan MK5 features twice the bench space of its smaller counterpart. The stainless steel benchtop utilises advanced sheetmetal techniques for a premium feel, including rounded edge. The powder coated, predominantly aluminium body makes access to storage a breeze, incorporating many drawers for the storage of all your kitchen needs. The Premium Kitchen boasts a Thetford 3 burner (2×1.5KW, 1×2.5KW) glass topped stainless steel cooktop with piezo ignition and matching stainless steel sink with flick style tap, draining board and cutlery drawer located below. The kitchen utilises a lock in / lock out handle which accommodates single handed operation and slides on Track Trailer’s own design of ball bearing runners. The integrated windshields are deployed by simply raising them into position. We’ve even fitted a bottle opener so you won’t have to go searching for your keys!

Class leading design and technology

The MK5 design provided an opportunity to fully integrate all the electrical options into one neat package. Specifications vary depending on model and selected options. Features include:

  • 110V outlets with safety switching, a dedicated front 110V plug for customer use 
  • 2x USB chargers, 1x12V Merit plug and 1x 12v cigarette style socket
  • 120W roof mounted solar
  • 1x 100ah + 1x optional 100ah lithium batteries

RedVision and Manger 30 BMS standard on all US spec units

Redvision along with the Manager 30 effectively replaces all the switches, gauges and power controllers with a simple, state of the art display and mobile app.

All switching of circuits, lights, power outlets, heaters etc. can be easily controlled from your phone at camp or in bed. This setup features a 30A DC to DC, MPPT solar regulator, 350W inverter and 110V battery charger.

If you are looking to take your Tvan to the next level it’s a great option to select.

Diesel Heating and Hotwater

Track Trailer has used the proven a OEM system to provide reliable and efficient heating for the Tvan and hot water for the kitchen and shower. This popular system is comprised of a glycol heat pump, heat ex-changer (for heating), diesel tank and glycol storage unit. As you can appreciate, a system with all of these components takes up a fair bit of room and often the size of these components encroaches on useful storage space and takes up significantly more space than required. Not with the Tvan! Unwilling to compromise on valuable space, the Track Trailer team set about redesigning the plumbing, wiring and tanks (glycol and fuel) to repackage the entire combustion elements into 1 jerry can sized unit. This design eliminates messy wiring or plumbing running the length of the van. Most competitor products fit the fuel tank behind the front stone guard and the other components wherever they can, leaving long runs of wiring, plumbing etc, meaning more holes and more potential for dust ingress. This is another example why the Tvan is a far superior product.

There are several benefits to designing this system into such a small space:

  • It saves on space & weight
  • The system can be assembled on a bench rather than fitted after construction, meaning it’s plug and play and tested prior to fitting, but also easier to troubleshoot if a customer has an issue
  • It occupies a jerry can carrying position on the Tvan rear of the axle, aiding in better weight management system.
  • The units shower output is directly alongside the shower tent
  • The tank can be filled at a bowser and easily on the LHS (away from the road).

Front Boot configurations

The Tvan Inspire and Zenith all come standard with the Front Boot featuring two separately sealed compartments, one for generic storage and the other with a dedicated fridge slide and constant 12V power. The fridge compartment also features filtered air vents This boot accommodates a spare wheel and 2x gas bottles. There are many additional options available including, a RHS slide out tray, dual venting and power for up to 2 fridges, a fridge slide swap (RHS to LHS) for longer fridges and a optional height LHS shelf.

MK5 Front Box Fridge Dimensions:

Small tray (LHS) H x W x L 570 x 456 x 760 Large tray (RHS) H x W x L 570 x 456 x 920

MY23 Tvan Models and Options

The Tvan® MK5 shares the same off-road ‘DNA’ as the past 20 years of Tvan. The MK5 boasts several huge improvements including a new roof; which increases the cabin space and gives more room above the bed. All models now feature more technology and further refined electrics, 2 kitchen configuration options and loads more storage – but not at the expense of light weight touring.

he principal features of the Tvan® such as the quick erect tent, stored in its own compartment (not on the bed) and the dynamically styled body have all been refined and improved with an emphasis on ease of use and reduced set up times.

All Tvan® models share the same key characteristics such as MC2 Suspension®, hot dipped galvanised chassis, durable riveted steel and aluminium construction of the cabin and lower body lockers, aluminium rear folding platform (deck), off-road electric brakes and fully articulated off-road coupling etc.

All other specifications, options and accessories are up to you. This process allows you to customise your Tvan® to match your tow vehicle’s capabilities, your camping preferences and budget.

This process allows you to customise your Tvan® to match your tow vehicle’s capabilities, your camping preferences and budget. The models are identifiable by their highlighted colours (2 units in US);  Inspire (Genesis Blue), and Zenith (Future Black)

Tvan Quick Gallery

Standard Specifications on all Tvan Models:

This newly released range of MK5 Tvan camper trailers features more standard equipment than ever before! You’ll be impressed by the Tvan’s design and user friendly configurations.

Suspension, Chassis and Body:

  • Industry leading off-road hot dipped galvanised chassis with genuine military grade MC2 Suspension®
  • Proprietary aluminium sandwich panel wall construction
  • Significantly increased head height around the bed
  • Off-road electric brakes and hand brake
  • DO35, 3.5 tonne fully articulated off-road coupling
  • Aluminium checker plate drawbar step and spirit level
  • Rear fold down deck coated in durable slip resistant finish for safe road side access. Now featuring built in deck legs for convenience
  • LED tail lights and side clearance markers
    Rear wood rack
  • 108L steel protected food grade tank with grit filters
  • 2x side panniers for 20L jerry cans (40L total)


  • Roof mounted120W solar panel
  • Red Vision Battery management
  • 4 x USB sockets alongside bed (2 x each side)
  • 100Ah lithium battery, fused and wired to Anderson plug connection
  • Interior Command Console (ICC) fascia with master switch and individual circuit switching
  • Merit, cigarette and USB plugs integrated within ICC
  • Installation of 2nd battery wiring (for future upgrade)

Outdoor Living:

  • Quick Cover Awning


  • Full front boot with fridge tray and access from both sides


  • Premium Kitchen including sink and plumbed water
  • External yellow and white light over kitchen
  • 12V merit plug in kitchen locker

Interior Refinements:

  • Twin roof hatches with blinds and insect screens
  • Genuine Australian made Wax Converters canvas (Dynaproofed)
  • Easy to use magnetised tent fixings for a quicker and easier set up and pack up
  • Magnetised window curtains
  • Queen size high density foam mattress
  • LED light in tent
  • LED reading lights – individually switched with a master override
  • Internal tool box and security lock box
  • Storage locker lighting
  • Insulated wall panels and fabric lined roof

Tvan Models:

*Images below depict models with front boot and sliding glass window options

Buying a Track Trailer® Tvan® has never been easier. Simply select a Tvan® model that best suits your needs, add options and you are on your way.

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Tvan Dimensions and Weight

These specifications are for our standard models only. Weight will vary with additional options. Please see model section for further details on specifications.

Inspire Zenith
Dry Weight with the standard drawbar package N/A N/A
Load capacity - lbs N/A N/A
Ball weight - lbs N/A N/A
Dry Weight with Front boot package fitted 2183 2492
Load capacity with Front boot package fitted - lbs 1125 1477
Ball weight with Front boot package fitted - lbs 243 309
GVWR 3308 3969
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Overall length in travel mode ft 16’ 1”
Overall width 76”
Height unladen ft 81”
Height unladen with Quick Cover ft 85”
Interior setup length 15’ 9”
Tent area size (on the deck) ft 6' 7” x 8' 3”
Wheel track 65”
Departure angle 30˚
Suspension travel (in) 5.9”
Axle capacity lbs 3528
Water tank (gal) 28.5
2nd water tank (optional) (gal) 18.5
Jerry cans Up to 6
Hot water (optional) (gal) 5.3
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