Track History

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Track Eagle

The evolution of the Eagle continued in the early 90s with the adoption of Neville Whithers Sugarglider suspension system. It offered the potential for more wheel travel than the leaf springs and kept pace with the increasingly coil sprung 4x4s entering the market. Track Trailer contributed to the design and then sourced all its production parts from Neville. Meanwhile many other manufactures simply copied the concept and even today most independent suspension trailers and caravans employ this system.


Track Oasis


First Military Tender won

In 1994 Track Trailer was invited to tender for the supply of small (500 and 750kg payload) military trailers. It became clear that meeting not only the performance specification but also the product warranty (including latent defect clauses) would be beyond the capability of the existing designs. So a clean sheet of paper was required. This led to the design of the Track Trailer MC2 Asymmetric® Link chassis and suspension system. This system was successfully employed over a range of trailer applications including some with highly sensitive multimillion dollar electronic systems.


Development of MWSES


Change of Ownership


403 Dorset Rd site


Track developed the trailer that helped Thalis win the Hawkie tender.


Additional Factories Added – Amstead rd


Track Trailer will continue to be proudly Australian owned and manufactured. It will continue to develop and offer truly innovative, high performance, recreational vehicles. It remains committed to working with its local suppliers to bring the best technology and insightful design to the market and will be particularly focused on the environmental impact of its products, increasingly addressed by enabling more fuel efficient tow vehicles to use them.

Track Trailer Factory and Outback HQ

Track Trailer Vision Mission and Values